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Where does PRIME get its electricity?

Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy gets its electricity from suppliers that have gone through a rigorous qualification and selection process. These suppliers, much like Southern California Edison, get their electricity from a variety of generation sources.  At a minimum, 35% of our PRIME Future option comes from renewable sources such as wind.  The PRIME Partner program provides electricity from 100% renewable sources.

How does PRIME procure power?

PRIME contracts with private firms to procure energy. Moving forward, we plan to incorporate steadily increasing amounts of renewable energy, with a goal of incorporating locally generated power.

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Where does PRIME get its electricity?

We are required to report to the California Public Utilities Commission and California Energy Commission on an annual basis to verify the amount of renewable energy procured for our customers. This is the same standard used by other California utilities, such as Southern California Edison, for verification purposes.

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