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100% renewable – our most environmentally friendly plan

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Our 100% Renewable Energy Choice

You have the power to create change for our environment when you enroll in PRIME Future. Choosing 100% renewable energy is the first step to help achieve many goals that fight climate change, reduce air pollution, and support clean energy infrastructure and local jobs.

While our standard energy product, PRIME Power, provides a baseline of 50% renewable energy, PRIME Future is the choice for customers who want 100% renewable energy content at a competitive price.

PRIME is committed to providing clean, economical electricity. With PRIME Future your electricity will come from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and water. As we continue to grow, more clean, locally produced power will be added to the mix.

How much does it cost?

All PRIME Future customers, both residential and commercial, will pay just 1₵ more per kWh. For the average residential customer that amounts to only $5 more each month, plus you will be doubly satisfied knowing that 100% of your electricity comes from renewable sources and the cost is affordable. Commercial customers can contact us for a cost comparison and take steps to be a leader for clean energy.

Upgrade to PRIME Future now!

If you decide that PRIME Future is not for you, you may switch back to PRIME Power at any time.

For a complete list of the resources included in PRIME, please view the Power Content Label

Click Here to View PRIME Future Price, Terms, and Conditions

View Full Commercial Rates and Residential Rate Tables.

If you decide to switch back to PRIME Power at any time, contact us at 1 800 GO-PRIME

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