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Customer Programs & Offerings

At PRIME, we strive to make it easier for our customers to transition to clean and local energy while reducing monthly energy bills. We’ve designed specific offerings to simplify the pathway for you to become more energy efficient, reduce carbon emissions from buildings and transportation, make your home or business more resilient in a power outage, and more.

 Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs


Electric Vehicles
& Charging


Solar &
Battery Storage

Ohm Connect

We’re proud to share a special offer from our partner, OhmConnect. OhmConnect is a free service that rewards California residents for conserving energy. When you sign up, you’ll receive alerts when energy is most expensive. If you save electricity during this time, OhmConnect will reward you with gift cards or even cash.

Public Charging

PlugShare provides the most complete map of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the world. With PlugShare’s Trip Planner feature, you can easily map out a trip, prioritizing conveniently placed EV charging locations. PlugShare also offers charging tips for all electric vehicle owners to use.  

Power Choice Program

Tesla, Inc. has partnered with Participate.Energy, LLC to design a program to allow community choice aggregators, for the first time, to capture the revenue and supply created by behind the meter residential solar plus storage. Residential customers who elect to join a new CCA tariff will be eligible to have Tesla install a microgrid (solar panels connected to a Powerwall home battery) with no credit check requirement and no out-of-pocket cost.

Rebates & Incentives

PRIME is committed to advancing the adoption of clean energy and encourages you to explore the various rebates and incentives available exclusively to PRIME customers. Want to make smarter choices for the environment while saving money? Learn more about incentives and rebate opportunities:

PRIME Access Program

The Disadvantaged Communities Green Tariff Program (DAC-GT) seeks to provide low-income customers living in disadvantaged communities with access to the benefits of locally generated 100% renewable energy and a 20% discount on their otherwise applicable rates.


Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs

ClimateResponse Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Program 

CalChoice has partnered with Olivine Inc. to offer CCA commercial customers an opportunity to join the ClimateResponse Virtual Power Plant (VPP), designed to help nonresidential customers mitigate the grid impacts of climate change while earning revenue.


The program, which runs from May to October 2023, offers financial incentives to commercial customers for temporarily reducing energy use when the electric grid is constrained due to restricted energy supplies, high prices, extreme weather conditions, or other grid emergencies. ClimateResponse VPP is free to join, there are no penalties, and enrolled customers will always be in control of their own buildings and resources.

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