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Earn Greater Savings By Partnering with Solar Power

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The beneficial choice to generate solar power

If you choose to install a solar or other power generation system to produce energy at your home or business, you can offset your power costs and sell any excess power generated to Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME).

You can earn substantially more for every kilowatt hour of energy you provide back to the grid. Currently, the PRIME Partner Net Energy Metering (NEM) reimbursement rate is 100% higher than the rates offered by Southern California Edison (SCE).

With PRIME Partner, you’ll receive an energy credit for the power your system contributes to the grid. At the close of each month, we tally the amount of energy that has been generated and consumed. If what you’ve produced is more than what you’ve used, you will be issued a credit. If you’ve consumed more than you’ve generated, you’ll be billed according to either our PRIME Power or PRIME Future rates, whichever you have opted into. Each September, on the true-up date, the kilowatt usage is evaluated, and if your energy production exceeds your energy consumption, a rebate is issued at $0.06 per kWh. You receive a check for the energy you have contributed back to the grid from your on-site generation system. Simple as that.


How to Enroll

If you already enjoy the benefits of Net Energy Metering with SCE, you do not have to do anything. Your account will automatically be enrolled in PRIME Partner when it transitions to PRIME.

If you decide to install an on-site solar, wind, or other self-generation system, your installer can guide you on how to interconnect your system to the grid and update your information through SCE.  Interested parties may also refer to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Solar Consumer Protection Guide to help you understand consumer rights, answer questions you may have about contractors, consider questions to ask your solar contractor, and provides a roadmap for rooftop solar.

For a list of qualified installers, visit

Business man wearing plaid shirt and glasses.

"Bay Cities is always looking for ways to lower operational costs, and utilizing green energy sources is a great way to help the environment and decrease overhead.  I am glad the City is starting PRIME, which will save businesses money."

Brett Kirkpatrick COO

Bay Cities

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