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Earn Revenue While Supporting the Electric Grid

PRIME customers can now earn revenue by reducing their energy consumption when the grid is stressed, or energy prices are high.

Optimize Energy. Save the Planet. Generate Revenue.


PRIME has partnered with CalChoice and Olivine Inc. to offer our large nonresidential customers an opportunity to join the ClimateResponse® Virtual Power Plant (VPP), designed to empower customers help mitigate the grid impacts of climate change while earning revenue.


Temporarily adjust your energy use during May through October when the grid is under stress, such as during extreme heat days, or energy prices are high, and be rewarded.  If you are a large nonresidential customer of PRIME and are able to adjust your energy consumption, you are now eligible to enroll in Olivine’s ClimateResponse® VPP to help avoid blackouts and make our electric grid resilient. It’s free to join, there are no penalties, and you will always be in control of your buildings and resources.


The more you save, the more you earn! Payments will be made for verified load reductions.


Participants will be paid the following during a dispatch period:

Energy Payments:  $2/kwh

Capacity Payments: $1/kW for exceeding your Nomination Capacity. Customers participating in ClimateResponse® emergency events only are not eligible to receive the capacity payments.

Have Questions? 


If you have questions, please reach out to click here for more details.

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