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Energy Programs Overview

A Roadmap for Local Resiliency

Current Programs

Power Choice Solar + Battery Storage Program: Residential Customers
Fall 2023 

PRIME is currently developing a program with Participate Energy and Tesla to offer the installation, operation, and maintenance of solar energy + battery storage systems for residential customers at no upfront out-of-pocket cost and no credit check. Participating customers will benefit from affordable solar solutions and reduced “Time-of-Use” peak charges. The battery system will store power generated from the solar system and discharge energy during the highest demand times. Below are some benefits to PRIME Customers:

  • Accessible solar equipment, design and installation by Tesla, and maintenance at $115 per month

  • Comprehensive integration with PRIME’s services

  • Access to backup power during emergency power shutoffs or blackouts

  • Competitive and stable energy rates at $0.145 kWh with a 1.9% annual escalator

OhmConnect Promotion
Winter 2021 - Ongoing

PRIME customers can receive sign-up incentives, and free smart energy devices to encourage voluntary reduction of energy use during an OhmConnect event. Other benefits include receiving energy savings, prizes, and rewards through a simple automated process. The promotion has been running since 2021.


  • No cost to PRIME for deployment of program

  • Customers can realize energy bill savings

  • Incentivizes energy conservation and lays the foundation for future demand-response programs that can drive operational cost savings for PRIME and its customers.

Disadvantaged Community Green Tariff (DAC-GT)
Winter 2023

CalChoice continues to work with CPUC on behalf of PRIME to establish and implement the Disadvantaged Communities Green Tariff Program rate, which provides CARE Customers a 20% discount on 100% renewable sourced energy - for CCAs with DAC designation from CalEnviro 4.0 Program.

City/Public EV Charging Stations Master Plan
Summer 2022

PRIME has applied for grant funding through SCAG to develop a regional master plan for the expansion of EV Charging Stations in Pico Rivera. Plan completed July 2022.

COVID-19 Relief Programs
Winter 2021- Spring 2023

CARE and FERA eligible customers that may also live in disadvantaged communities benefit from programs such as the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) Pilot program, the Arrearage Management Plan (AMP), and the California Arrearage Payment Program (CAPP).

  • PIPP provides monthly billing caps and allow participants to pay a predetermined affordable percentage of their monthly income toward their utility bill.

  • AMP program forgives past due arrearages for participants in return for on-time payment of current monthly bills. Customers must apply.

  • CAPP provides credits automatically to customers’ bills if they are eligible. Customers do not need to apply.

  • Pandemic Debt Accumulation project auto-enrolls customers with debt into a 24-month installment plan.

Developing Programs

Low-Carbon Fuel Standard Credits for City-Owned EV Stations

As the City deploys public electric vehicle charging stations and/or transitions vehicle fleet to be fueled by electricity, the City can receive revenue through the generation and sale of LCFS credits generated from electricity consumed at charging stations owned by the City. The more capacity, the greater potential for revenues (for example, Level 3 Fast Chargers use more energy than a standard Level 2 during a charging session). CalChoice’s procurement team will work with the PRIME to set up and manage an LCFS Portfolio with the California Air Resources Board and propose further opportunities to increase credits and maximize total revenue.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Installations at Municipal Buildings

City continues to work with Southern California Renewable Energy Networks (SoCalREN), a program administrator of CPUC funds, to obtain a no-cost analysis and evaluation of energy efficiency needs and potential cost savings measures for Municipal Buildings. By leveraging incentive funds available through Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company, the city can obtain energy efficiency upgrades to result in overall energy cost savings for the City.

Smart Device Pilot Program

CalChoice is working with technology partners to offer the Smart Device Pilot Program. Through this program, PRIME will offer a selection of ‘smart home' devices to both commercial and residential customers including load monitoring devices, smart plugs, and smart EV chargers. Participating CalChoice CCAs will access free and discounted smart devices that provide real time customer data and can enable load shape and shift services.

  • No cost to PRIME for deployment of the program

  • Customers can realize energy bill savings

  • Incentivizes energy conservation and lays the foundation for future demand-response programs that can drive operational cost savings for PRIME and its customers.

Future Programs

“Elect to Administer” Energy Efficiency
Customer Programs (CPUC Funded)

As a CCA, the City may request to “elect to administer” existing energy efficiency programs being offered by SCE at no cost to CCA or its customers. CalChoice is working with a consultant to monitor the availability of local programs funding available from the CPUC. Once funding is identified, CalChoice will work with each City to develop its energy efficiency program plan and apply for programs funds.

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